This mask machine which is used for folding mask blank production, uses ultrasonic principle, weld PP non-woven, active carbon and filter material in 3~6 layers, put in the nose wire, then cut it into the form customer required, it can produce all kind of shapes with the customer’s requirement; with different standard material, the masks this machine produced can reach standard of FFP1, FFP2, N95 and so on.

    After mask blank machine be made by this machine, then weld the ear-loop onto the mask blank, a complete mask will be finished.

    Machine data:

    • Machine name: Automatic Fold Mask Making Machine
    • Model: HT-MF95
    • Voltage: AC220V
    • Power: 3.5KW
    • Speed: 20~40 pcs/min
    • Size: 4500*1400*1750MM


    Production Sample OF Fold Mask Making Machine

    Production Workshop:

    Face Mask Machine Production Workshop For HT Tech