The Tie-on Surgical Mask Machine adopt ultrasonic welding method, equipped conveyer device, put the semi-product onto conveyer device, through pull tube Covered edge, use ultrasonic design roller welding, and cut off the band, and output the finished-product.

    Only need one worker to put the semi-product onto the conveyer device, all the other actions finished by tie-on surgical mask making machine.

    Machine data:

    • Machine name: Tie-on Surgical Mask Machine
    • Model: HT-MT70
    • Voltage: 110V/220V
    • Size: 1900*750*1600MM
    • Power: 3KW
    • Capacity: 30~35 pcs/min


    Tie-on Surgical Mask Sample

    Production Workshop:

    Face Mask Machine Production Workshop For HT Tech